PH (Tynemouth Crematorium) 

Hiya, I got the copy of the funeral ceremony through today. What a lovely thoughtful thing to do thank you. Also so many people have commented both online and in person saying what a lovely service it was.

GA (Niece)

MW (Tynemouth Crematorium)

Thanks so much for Tuesday. It was a lovely relaxed service. Everyone said how nice it was. Vivien said ‘…I also liked your ‘humanist’ service leader whose words were appropriate, kindly, realistic and wise.’ Very nicely put and I agree 100% – I felt a bit detached on the day, I was holding it together for my dad and brother, but it couldn’t have been a nicer send off. Thank you for making the process leading up so easy and listening so supportively. I’m sorry I wandered off to the garden of remembrance without saying goodbye properly. It was so lovely to see people and I just got carried along! Tom and Dad passed on your goodbye and I’m glad they spoke to you before you left.

KW (Daughter)

DH (Tynemouth Crematorium)

Thank you for the copy of the funeral script.

I spoke to the other mourners following the funeral and everyone thought that the service was a lovely tribute of David’s life.

The addition of the poem and the instrumental of the song local hero were lovely touches, something none of us would have thought to do.

IP (Friend)

GC (Mountsett Crematorium)

My family & myself would like to thank you for yesterday, we feel you described my Dad perfectly.

TC (Son)

RA (Saltwell Crematorium)

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful service you conducted on behalf of my family. Your sensitivity, respect and professional approach on the day was amazing. I don’t think anyone else could have talked on our behalf like you did. The whole service was loved by all our family and friends. The positivity, love and reflection of R’s life will be remembered by me forever. Everything I felt you put into words.

Thank you again so much

MA (Former wife)

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